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Endor® Technologies has invested years o medical innovation in medical research in dermatology to develop new technologies to promote healthy-looking skin.


Applying Celltense™ Serum prior to each RF session is clinically proven to enhance the effect of RF treatments, resulting in an intense synergetic effect that improves skin firmness and the appearance of cellulite. The technology in Celltense™ Serum offers opportunities to develop a wide range of products providing solutions for symptoms of a wide range of skin pathologies.



  • Improves the outcome of RF treatments.
  • Easy to integrate into RF treatments.
  • Increases patient satisfaction.


  • Improves skin firmness vs using RF alone.
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite vs using RF alone.
  • Due to ease of application and quick absorption, patient is not inconvenienced.

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Celltense™ Serum

Anti-cellulite 1600 EGP

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