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Hyalgen™ Serum

Hyalgen serum Hyalgen serum
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Hyalgen Vial Hyalgen Vial

Hyalgen™ Serum

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Hyalgen™ Serum [20 Vials x 3 ml] 

Non-invasive adjuvant serum for aesthetic  Facial care treatments to improve skin firmness and the appearance of Aging Signs revealing younger, healthier-looking skin.



  • Gold Thioethyle Amino Hyaluronic Acid [NANO]

Currently Gold Coated with between 200 and 500 oligomers . Hyaluronic is Coated through a Sulfur bridges.

Hyaluronic acid-coated gold nanoparticles have the unique ability to activate the CD44 cell receptor, whose mission

is to regulate the endogenous production of hyaluronic acid and collagen. At the same time, gold nanoparticles

absorb the electromagnetic radiation and use the absorbed energy to increase their temperature, boosting their

efficacy. Applied on the skin prior to radiofrequency, coated nanoparticles speed up the production of collagen.



  • Adverse effects: No adverse effects have been described.
  • Biodistribution and elimination: studies with biopsies and spectrophotometry detection demostrates that nanoparticles don’t surpass epidermis and they are completely elliminated from the body before 24 hours.


Scientifically tested efficacy

All our products pass through rigorous efficacy studies in a hospital environment and under medical supervision. Impartial objective measurements demonstrate that the products are effective with remarkably visible results. None of our products are animal tested.



Directions for use

Use Hyalgen Serum With Derma pen Protocol to Treat:-

  • Post Acne Scars.
  • Atrophic Scars.
  • Face Lifting & Rejuvenation.

Hyalgen can be used with several procedures:

  • Microneedling ( Derma Roller, Dermapen, Gold Stamp )
  • Post Fractional Laser
  • Before Radiofrequency
  • Before HIFU
  • after Plasmage





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