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Wrinkles & Fine Lines

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Wrinkles are creases, folds, or ridges in the skin, They normally appear as people get older

Dynamic wrinkles

  • Appear when expressing emotions and fade once the emotion passes and the face goes blank again
  • Examples:-Frown lines-Forehead lines-Crow’s feet-Smile lines
  • Static wrinkles
    • Remain on the face after facial muscles relax. Tend to deepen with age


for Wrinkles use: HYALGEN SERUM

Non-invasive adjuvant serum for aesthetic  Facial care treatments .

Use: Topical soft massage until complete absorption ( then use devices such as Microneedling, HiFU, RF, Post Laser Fractional ), session every 15 days.


EGF TIGHT: using EGF ( Epidermal Growth Factor ) Tight: Non-invasive adjuvant EGF solution for Wrinkles treatments.

Use: use devices such as Microneedling, Post Laser Fractional, then add EGF Tight Serum with Topical soft massage of serum until complete absorption, ( session every 10 days ).

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