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Dr. Eman Sanad

Dermatology Consultant
+2011 0007 7555


Dr. Eman Sanad is Professor of Dermatology and Laser Surgery at Banha College of Medicine. Dr. Iman graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University in 1983 and received his doctorate in Dermatology and Venereology in June 1992.

She represented Egypt in many international conferences held outside and inside Egypt.

Prof. Eman Sanad completed her scientific achievements until she obtained a diploma in laser medical applications from Cairo University in 2006.
Also, I got from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine to obtain Mr. Kors in injecting endogenous fats in the face, hands, breasts and other places in the body in 2014.
And Prof. Dr. Iman Sanad attended many international conferences inside and outside Egypt, and gave many important lectures in it, as well as many workshops related to aesthetic medicine such as botox, fullness needles (filler), mesotherapy, carboxy therapies, face-lift strings and laser applications .etc. She was a session chair at many conferences.
Dr. Iman has a talented personality and therefore she is a board member of the Egyptian Society of Dermatology and Andrology and a member of the organizing committee of many important scientific societies such as the Afro-Asian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Laser and the Egyptian Society of Dermatologists as well as a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Owner of Sanad Cosmetic Clinic.

My experiences in using the products of the COSMO-ACT® Safe and very effective products in cosmetic medicine, I started Using Hyalgen™ Serum to treat cases of acne, wrinkles, freshness and wound effects with Dermapen and after laser sessions.

other wise i`m using Celltense™ Serum has also been used to treat stretch marks and cellulite, with excellent results.

also i used it with Aesthetic Gynecology, ( Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation ) with instant results.


Belmondo cosmetic Mesomask was used to lighten the face and rejuvenation and treat dark circles, and I got excellent and immediate results with Dermapen and after laser sessions.



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