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Dr. Amira Salem

Dermatology Consultant
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Prof. Dr. Amira Amin Salem.

Assistant Professor of Dermatology, Dermatologist and Plastic Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University.

Owner of Tawoos Skin Clinic , Cairo Egypt.

My experiences in using the products of the COSMO-ACT® Safe and very effective products in cosmetic medicine, I started Using Hyalgen™ Serum to treat cases of acne, wrinkles, freshness and wound effects with Dermapen and after laser sessions

other wise i`m using Celltense™ Serum has also been used to treat stretch marks and cellulite, with excellent results.

Belmondo cosmetic Mesomask was used to lighten the face and rejuvenation and treat dark circles, and I got excellent and immediate results with Dermapen and after laser sessions.