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Latest Technology

Long-Lasting Moisture Retention

Only pure microbial cellulose can retain 100 times its dry weight in fluid! Our masks are cool and moist when you apply them, and they remain that way throughout usage. Moisture retention is a highly desirable property for a mask fabric. Studies show that Bel Mondo’s bio cellulose fabric loses less than 10% of its water and serum after 30 minutes of application; the average paper/pulp mask loses 40% or more.

Superior Adhesion

The bio cellulose fabric in our mask is tightly woven. It has a high density of superfine fibers that are organized in a three-dimensional structure. So when you apply our mask, its incredible bio fabric is able to replicate the contour of your skin trench and adhere very tightly. Bel Mondo masks fit like a second skin, while non-woven masks quickly lose dermal contact.

More Efficient Ingredient Penetration

Because our pure bio cellulose masks excel at retaining moisture and adhering to your skin, they outperform ordinary masks. They transfer higher volumes of ingredients to your skin, and enable these ingredients to penetrate deeper into your skin. One 20-minute application of our premium bio cellulose masks produces results that you can see and feel: smooth, radiant skin that glows and appears renewed.

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