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Most Advanced Fabric


Skin Care’s Most Advanced Fabric

Bio cellulose mask fibers do two things better than any other sheet mask material: they retain water (more than 100 times their dry weight), and they mimic skin contours without losing dermal contact.

As a result of these two physical properties — hydrophilicity and adherence — bio cellulose masks make excellent add-ons to popular professional resurfacing services like microdermabrasion, peels, micro needling, dermaplaning, and more. They function like occlusive dressings – efficiently transferring ingredients that hydrate and calm skin, alleviating redness and inflammation.

The texture of bio cellulose also sets it apart from commodity mask fabrics; its gel-like quality is cool to the touch and remarkably soothing. Clients who try bio cellulose masks get hooked: their skin is suppler for days and maintains a healthy glow.

And unlike complex skin care systems, sheet masks require no training. Apply in 30 seconds; enjoy great results in 20 minutes. Bio cellulose masks are also friendly to the bottom line. Retail markups range from 150% – 200%. (Trump calls this bigly profitable.)

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