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Use a Bel Mondo


Use a Bel Mondo mask any time

One of the best things about a Bel Mondo sheet mask is that it fits in seamlessly with just about any beauty routine. Whether you use it daily, once a week (recommended), or just occasionally when your skin needs a “pick me up,” a Bel Mondo mask is a perfect complementary treatment.

Try it every few days when you’re preparing for a big event. Or use one at the end – or beginning of each work week to relax yourself and treat your skin.

Ultra-hydrating, Brightening, Anti-aging, or calming; we have a mask that will give your skin a boost.

Skin can absorb the products you use or necessary medications. It also takes in and processes information from external stimuli, such as temperature, pressure, and pain.

Because of skin’s ability to absorb molecules that are small enough to permeate, it’s important to be cautious with your skin care products. Research what you put on your skin, and follow instructions carefully for any medication you apply topically (prescription or over-the-counter).

When it comes to processing information, your skin responds to external stimuli by communicating with the body’s central nervous system, allowing your body to respond appropriately to protect you. For that reason, if you notice numbness in your skin it’s important to see a doctor.

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