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How does a sheet mask fit into my beauty routine?

One of the questions we’re often asked is: How will a Bel Mondo sheet mask fit into my existing beauty routine?

The short answer is that a Bel Mondo mask is an any time, (almost) any where treatment – one that will complement just about any existing skin care regimen. But we have multiple suggestions for the best times to use our masks.

Stressful day at work? Did you spend the entire evening cooking and cleaning – and now need some time to yourself? A Bel Mondo mask is a spa-like indulgence – one that can soothe your being as well as your skin. Apply a mask, put on some music, and take some time to yourself. Your skin – and you – will feel so much better after you do.

While we don’t recommend performing any harsh exfoliation at home, sometimes exfoliating can leave your skin feeling a little tender. This is a perfect time for a Bel Mondo Calming Mask – or any of our masks. Bel Mondo masks fit like a second skin to keep the highly moistened bio cellulose fabric – and its serum – in constant contact, allowing your skin to soak up all the soothing moisture.

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